Tags and Location Tags

Adding Tags and Locations to Items

We have tried hard to make tags both easy and efficient to create and associate with items. Hierarchical tags allow you to associate the tag with a parent folder, and everything inside the folder will also be automatically tagged with the item as well!

Adding a Tag or Location tag to an Item

You can add and edit these in the settings of any item by selecting the Tags or Location Tags choice. From there you can add a new tags by tapping the add (plus) button on the top right. Select to check the tags you wish to apply to the item. Any tag with a checkmark will be associated with the item in question. You can just as easily remove an association with a tag by tapping the item to remove the checkmark. If you uncheck a tag you just added (a brand new tag), it will remove the checkmark and remove the tag from your list as well.

Hierarchical Tag for Folders and Groups

Folders and groups would a bit differently from other items. The item you tag does get tagged as you would expect. In addition, any children of the folder or group also gets tagged with the item. For example, if you tag a group "A" with a tag, and that group contains a folder "B", as well as three items, the tag you applied to "A" will be applied to "A", the three items contained in "A", "B", as well as any children of "B".