Managing your Inbox and Outbox

Your Inbox and Outbox are your message centers informing you of important notices and alarms, as well as detailing information with syncing and sharing.

Your Outbox

Your Outbox tracks changes with your application that have not synced and lets you know if there are changes that are pending being backed up. You can also visit the Outbox to initiate a sync. Sometimes the count may seem confusing, because you change a single item but the number is much higher. This usually happens because you have changed an item that affects other items like the containing Folder.

Your Inbox

Your Inbox is the place where important messages are kept. Messages are usually in the following categories:

  1. Alarm Notifications. Alarm notifications are kept here until the item has been marked as completed as a way of reminding you of the important event.
  2. Sharing Requests and Updates. Requests to share, responses to those requests, and related items are stored here. To respond to them, just tap on the request or notice to handle and clear it.
  3. Application Messages. You may receive an application message periodically. These messages are normally just informative about new application features or if you changed your account information on the server. Tap on the item to see the full message and to handle it.