Tags and Location Tags


Tags are a way of assigning metadata to your tasks and items in order to sort through them in different ways. A Tag is just a name that represents something to you. A Location Tag is a tag with the additional ability to filter your tasks in your To Do List and see only the relevant tasks for that location.

What is a Smart List?

We have reserved a section in your main toolbar called "Smart Lists" which allows you to maintain lists of searches over all your items.

Each item in your "Smart List" list is actually a search criteria that allows you to use boolean queries over your Tags. For instance, you can ask to see a list of every item that is tagged with both "Tag A" and "Tag B". Only items which contain both of these tags (or whose parents have been marked with these tags; see hierarchical tags in the Addings Tags and Locations to Items) will show in your query. Alternatively, you can mark the search for "Any" match instead of "All", which will search for any of your tags being present either in the item or the items parents.

Why have a Smart List?

Imagine that you have several projects with different clients. Each project might have a similar folder structure. Some subfolders or items of each project may have similar purpose. For example, some folders or tasks you may associate with the location "phone" for things that you need to handle by phone, or "meeting" for those that you need to have a sit down meeting for. Perhaps some folders in various projects have been marked by the location "San Francisco" or "Washington DC" to handle the two locations you tend to frequent. You also have some personal goals as well in these locations, and have tasks in your personal goal that also deal with meetings or phone calls in the two cities. You additionally decide to tag the work goals with the tag "Work" and the personal goals with the tag "Personal". You could easily create a list of the meetings you need to schedule in San Francisco using this search. It would return a list of all business and personal meetings you wish to set up, even though they appear in different lists in different goals! You could also retrieve a subset of your personal goal that you need to have quick access to by using the "All" settings and selecting the "San Francisco" location and "Personal" tag.