Managing your Account

While an account is not mandatory to use this application, there are a number of features that are not available to those who choose not to establish one. Accounts are and will be free. We may one day offer premium features for an additional cost, but the sharing and sync features mentioned are free to use.

Why have an Account?

By far the most important feature that will be enabled for you is the ability to sync and back up your data for every device you register with your account name. You can seamlessly sync your data between your mobile devices, bringing the information with you across platforms.

You and your potential friends will also need registered accounts in order to share folders and goals with one another. You choose what information to share and with whom you wish to see it.

Having an account will also give you access to the website at At a future time we expect to have a web portal available to you as well, so you will be able to manage and view your information from just about anywhere.

At this time, accounts are authenticated using a valid email address for your user name, and any password you choose. This email is necessary for friends to find one another on the phone, and to provide a email destination in case you forget your password. Your email will never be sold or distributed for marketing.

Creating or Signing In with an Account

Simply click on the "Account Name" item in the LifeNotes Synchronization section of your application Options menu, and you will be asked to either create a new account or sign in with an existing account. You can visit the server at at any time to change your password or email address, as well as change your name or display name visible by your friends.