Sharing and Collaboration Management

Management of Sharing

While you can easily remove or add members from a shared folder or goal by editing your sharing settings of the item you are sharing or in your main application settings, you can remove entire groups and stop sharing an item by editing them in your application settings.

Removing friends from a shared item using the Items Settings.

First navigate to your shared folder or goal where you can see the contents of the item in question. Tap on the title at the top of your screen to pull up the options and select the Folder Settings. Inside your settings, select the Sharing item where you can add or edit new members, and you will be see a list of all your shared friends, and their status. To stop sharing with a friend, just swipe across their name from left to right, and you will see a button to delete the friend appear. If you wish to remove yourself from a shared group, similarly swipe across the row indication you. Since this is an infrequent action, we don't clutter up the interface here with these options.

Removing friends from a shared item using the Application Settings.

Tap on the Settings icon on the navigation bar in any of the main views to access your Application Settings. Under the Sharing and Permissions section, select the Shared Items menu choice, and then select the item you wish to remove your friend from. Tap the button on the bottom named "Edit Members", and select the members you wish to remove from that shared item. If you select yourself (you can only select yourself if the shared item is owned by someone else), you will cancel your membership with that shared item, and remove all of the items information from your devices. You can only become a member if the owner invites you once again.

Stop sharing an item you own.

This can be easily accomplished by navigating to your Application Settings, selecting the Shared Items menu option, and then the item that you are sharing. Tap the button to Stop Sharing the item. After you and then the members sync, each of the members will be told that item is no longer being shared, and all of the contents of this item will be removed from their devices and account.

Remove your membership of an item someone else owns.

Navigate to your item in your Application Settings as described above in Stop sharing an item you own. Select the button to remove your membership. All of the shared information you stored on your device or account related to the item will be deleted, and the other members will be informed when they sync with the server.

Cancel sharing with a member.

Be warned: this will remove you from all items they share, remove them from all items you share with them, and remove them as a friend from your account and device. If they are associated with you in groups other people own, you will still be able to see their name, because you are associated through someone else's items that you share. This can be easily accomplished by navigating to your Application Settings, selecting the Members and Permissions menu option, and then the friend that you are sharing with. Tap the button to Stop Sharing with Member. As you sync all information will be removed as appropriate from the members and your devices.