Application Design and Overview

Recurring Events

Want something due in the spring every year? Tell Alloy Tasks when it is due, and to repeat annually. Each spring your tasks will appear on this list for you. Organize your spring cleaning or holiday routines into seasonal repeats and avoid creating your lists every year!

Setting a Recurring Event

There are two types of recurring events: by completion and by date.

Repeat by Completion

Repeat by completion means that your events will once again be due after you complete the task by the time you specify. Whenever you complete the task, Alloy Tasks uses that information to create the next task instead of a specific date schedule.

Repeat by Date

Repeat by date means that your tasks will recur on the dates you specify. Alloy Tasks has the most flexible system for setting date schedules of any digital organizer to accommodate almost every need.

If you wish for your tasks to repeat the first of each month, or the last day, make certain the due date also falls on such a day. LifeNotes interprets your due date to make setting repeats easy for you.