Sharing and Collaboration


We do our best to make sharing easy while protecting your privacy. In order to share an item, the owner of the item needs the email address of the members account with us. Both of you need validated accounts, or the request will be rejected.

Sharing a Folder or Goal

You will not be able to see the members name until they have accepted your request, but they will be able to see your email and name as you have set them (this is to assure their privacy). Once they have accepted your request, they will receive the item you are sharing and everything in it the very next time they sync. They can add, mark as completed, and assign items to anyone you are sharing that list with. Items assigned to people other than you will not appear on your To Do List. The status of your sharing request will be tracked in your Inbox, and the message will remain as pending until they respond.

Receiving a Shared Item

Requests to share an item will appear in your Inbox. Just tap on the request notification, and confirm that you will accept or decline the invitation to share, and each of the items the member wishes to share with you. Each item you accept will appear in your Unfiled Items list. You can easily move them inside a goal or make them a goal by editing the shared folder's settings and moving it to the location you wish!

What is NOT Shared

Tags, Locations, stars, and alarms are not shared. You can set an alarm for your devices and those will sync... just not to the friends with whom you share your list. Tags are very personal, and mean different things to different people, so it just doesn't make sense to share them. They simply lose meaning. The same with stars. Just because one person plans on doing something today, it doesn't mean it should appear at the top of everyone’sTo Do list. However, all of these will sync across your devices. Folder structure and the items themselves, as well as things like status do share, so you can communicate what you are working on as you like, and help create an organizational structure that has meaning with folders. Instead of creating a tag for each subproject name, create a folder, and move the correct items to the appropriate folder.

Moving items contained in a Shared Item

Note however that you cannot move a shared item outside of the shared parent folder, since it is shared with other friends who would no longer be able to view the item.