How to use Alloy Tasks

Application Design and Overview

You have two work areas in which to store the items you create: one called Goals, and the other Unfiled. Your goals tab maintains a list of special folders called goals, allowing you to organize your content into a structure that makes sense to you. Your unfiled tab is the place to keep everything that does not fit into a goal you have created, or for unorganized content.

You also have a To Do list, which compiles all the Tasks and Notes from your goals and unfiled items and presents them to you ordered by due date and priority. Your To Do list can be filtered by Location (see location tags) so you can see what you need to do at any place without clutter from the rest of the tasks in your life. You can add items in your To Do list, but they are actually added to your unfiled items list, and your To Do list displays them. The add button in your To Do list is a convenience so you don't have to switch to another view to add a task.

Finally, you have Smart Lists that are searches over the tags you set so you can see your items in different ways. For instance, you might have a "House and Home" goal and a "Work" goal, and shopping-related items in each. You can add the tag "shopping" to folders or items in each of your goals, create a smart list called "To Buy" and include in the search criteria the tag "shopping." Now all your shopping-related items will show up in your smart list! Deleting a smart list does not delete the contents inside of it, just the search item. The items will still be in their original locations in your goals and unfiled items folders. However, deleting or archiving items in a smart list does delete the actual item.

All your lists, projects, folders, and goals, as well as the main tab sections To Do, Goals, and Unfiled, have options menus invoked by tapping the title at the top. Options allow you to edit, reorder, and more!

The application automatically archives (removes from view) items you complete daily by default. This is called Auto-Archive. The timing of auto-archive is configurable in your application Settings. You can edit any item and prevent it from being removed during your auto-archive. You can also edit your folders and goals and set the auto-archive setting to affect all the items inside of it. Auto-archive only removes completed tasks and notes that have the Auto-Archive attribute set.

Syncing is an option offered as a complimentary service with your registration. Syncing allows you to easily backup and restore your data as long as you have Internet access available on the device. It also allows you to share folders and goals with others.

We have just started adding features to this application. If you find anything confusing, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs and answer your questions.

We hope you enjoy this application, and want you to know that we will continue to strive to make this better, easier, and more useful with each release.