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Checklist completed and still on ToDo list? [Aug 4, 2011, 8:41:18 AM]

I expected that after I had checked all the items on a checklist, it would disappear from the ToDo list until I had added any number of items back to the checklist.  However, I tried many different settings and the only thing that took it away from the ToDo list is to Pause the checklist.  This works, then I would just turn off Pause and add items when I wanted to make the checklist a ToDo item again.  Is this the way the product is designed or intended?  I had also played with recurring settings, but it's unclear how those settings work with checklists.

I love the product, by the way.  I love the flexibility, scalability and interface (to name a few)--just still trying to learn it and adapt to my work habits and environment.  Thanks!


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